About The Fylde Coast & the people living here.
Independently Published by The Rabbit Patch

All about The Fylde Coast and the people who live here. Independently published for you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd

Independently published for you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd

Recording Points

How to take your photos at Coast Watchers Location 3: Victoria Road West

Photos taken at Coast Watchers recording points (find them initially at Cleveleys, more below) will actually record how the beach material is being moved about by the sea.

These locations have been chosen because the sand and pebbles move around a lot, enough to see in a sequence of photos.

When lots of us take lots of photos over a long period of time at the same recording points, our photos will show just how much the beach moves around.

The next step for us is to work out how the photos you’ve taken can be translated into a meaningful record of measurement.This is the whizzy bit so it will take a bit of working out. We’ve already got a plan of how you can get involved.

1. Take your photos:

Location 1: Rossall Beach at Rossall Promenade, Cleveleys. Where you can park your car right against the edge of the beach, just before the dead end near to Rossall School. Details here

Location 2: Opposite The Venue, at North Promenade, Cleveleys. Recording where the beach material meets the ramp against the sea wall. Details here

Location 3: Victoria Road West, Cleveleys. Recording the beach where it meets the steps at the inward curve, just to the right of the Plaza. Details here

2. Upload your photos online

You could upload them from your phone while you’re at the beach. Or upload them later when you get home. The photos you submit will be approved and published by admin.

Upload your photos here

3. View the Coast Watchers Photo Timeline

Coast Watchers is a pictorial record of our coastline in date order, and how it’s affected by the weather. We want you to capture how the beach moves about, freak weather (good as well as bad!) and unusual things that you find washed up.

View the Coast Watchers Photo Timeline here

Find out more

Ultimately we aim to tie your photos together with data about the wind, weather, tides and much more. Still curious? There’s lots of interesting things in the Coast Watchers section, take a look.

Find out more about Coast Watchers here

This is a joint project between Visit Fylde Coast and the engineering team at Wyre Council. If you’ve got any comments or would like to make any suggestions please get in touch.

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