About The Fylde Coast & the people living here.
Independently Published by The Rabbit Patch

All about The Fylde Coast and the people who live here. Independently published for you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd

Independently published for you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd

Coast Watchers Submission Form

Add your photos below

  • Format: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
  • In your own words, describe the weather conditions. It will also help if you could give a general description of the beach e.g. areas of noticeable erosion.
  • I have read and agree with the terms and conditions as set out in the Privacy Policy

First time here?

To start with we’re logging the movement of beach material at three places in Cleveleys:

More guidance about the recording points can be found at the links above. Just take a few photos and upload them online. More about Coast Watchers here.

You can also upload your photos from anywhere on the Fylde Coast.

  • Is the beach an unusual shape? If you use it frequently you’ll notice when it gets washed away or banked up.
  • Love the Weather? – from heatwaves to lashing rain, and hailstones to seafoam. If you’re there and see it, share it!
  • Found something interesting? It might be natural like an extraordinary amount of seaweed being washed up, to a deluge of a particular type of man-made debris. 

Your photos will be approved and appear in the Coast Watchers Timeline here.

Top tips:

  • Take your photo in landscape format (to get the biggest area of beach in shot). 
  • Don’t zoom in or do anything fancy – just point and click!
  • Get one photo with your phone resting on/lined up with the sign at the recording point*.
  • Take some other photos of the seafront, beach and sea.
  • We’re particularly interested in where the beach meets the seawall, ramps, groynes etc.

*The aim is to get lots of photos over a period of time of the same places. That’s s why your first photo needs to be focussed in more or less the same way as everyone else’s photos.

Over time, we’ll be able to see from all of your photos how beach levels move about as the sand, gravel and pebbles are deposited and eroded.

Your other photos will add detail and interest.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to join in too!


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